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30 Minute Lace Pencil Skirt Tutorial

Hello!  I'm super excited to share today's project with you and introduce you to a new sponsor here on the blog.  Wholeport is an online retailer of all things crafty -- fabric, beads, paper, baking supplies, and so much more.  Every month they are going to send me some fun products to make something wonderful with and share a tutorial with y'all.  This month I received some beautiful lace fabric and I knew the minute I saw it that I needed to make a lace pencil skirt.

30 minute Lace Pencil Skirt tutorial at /
I have wanted a lace pencil skirt for a while now, but my daughter convinced me that she needed one, too.  I think her exact words were, "I would wear the crap out of that".  Yep.  Would you believe that you can whip up this darling skirt in just 30 minutes?!  Without a pattern?!  Here's what you need:

Lace Pencil Skirt Supplies

1 yard lace fabric
1 yard solid fabric {to make the lace not see-through}
about 1 yard 3-inch wide elastic belting {measure your waist and add an inch -- that's how much you need.}

30 minute Lace Pencil Skirt tutorial at /

To begin you need three measurements:  your waist, your hips {at the widest point} and your desired length from the waist.  That's it.  Just those three.  For this example we'll use the following measurements:
Waist: 34
Hip: 42
Length: 23

To create your skirt front and back pieces, divide your HIP measurement in half and add one inch.  Lay out your solid fabric and cut TWO rectangles that are as wide as half your hip + 1 inch by your desired length + 2 inches.  My skirt pieces ended up being 22 inches wide by 25 inches long.  I used a solid jersey knit fabric that matched my lace for this skirt, but you could really use any kind of fabric.  Just make sure you pre-shrink it so you don't have any surprises later.  Like I said, I used a matching color, but I think a contrasting color under-skirt would be totally cute.  Get creative with it!

Once you have your under-skirt pieces cut, use them as a pattern to cut TWO rectangles of the same size out of your lace.

Now you're going to make a sandwich of all your layers of fabric and sew them together.  First lay out one underskirt piece right-side up.  Next lay one lace piece right-side up.  Next comes your other lace piece right-side down, followed by your last underskirt piece right-side down.  Got that?  

Pin down the length of each side and then stitch with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.  {Make sure you are sewing the length sides of your rectangles, not the width sides.  I sewed each 25-inch edge.} Turn it right-side out and you should have a tube of fabric with the lace on the outside and the solid fabric on the inside.

Gather the top edge of your tube by sewing around it with a long basting stitch and then pulling the bobbin thread to gather it up.  

Cut your wide elastic piece to the length you need -- your waist measurement + 1 inch.  Mine was 35 inches. Fold the elastic piece in half and line up the two cut ends.  Sew the ends together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance to create a large loop of elastic.  Open up your seam allowance and stitch it down on either side with a straight stitch.  Then stitch right down the middle of the seam again with a wide zig-zag stitch to really secure it.
30 minute Lace Pencil Skirt tutorial at /

Pin the elastic to the right side of the gathered edge of your skirt, overlapping by about 1-inch.  Line up the seam in your waistband with one of the side seams.  Adjust the gathers so they are evenly spaced and then stitch the waistband on using a zig zag stitch and stretching the elastic as you go.  The zig zag stitch makes it so your thread won't break when you stretch the elastic to put the skirt on.  You can trim the excess fabric inside close to the stitching to make it look neater if that bothers you.

30 minute Lace Pencil Skirt tutorial at /

Try it on at this point to check the length.  {If you hear threads breaking as you try it on DON'T FREAK OUT like I did.  It's just your gathering threads breaking.  Phew!} If you're happy with the length {remember, it's going to be an inch shorter when you're done!}you're ready to hem it.  Fold both layers of the fabric under about 1/2 inch and then 1/2 inch again all around the bottom of the skirt.  Stitch around it on your sewing machine and you're done!

30 minute Lace Pencil Skirt tutorial at /
It's super stylish and really versatile.  You could dress it up with a nice cardi and pumps or dress it down with a tee shirt and ballet flats like we did here.  No one will believe that you made it yourself.  The 30 minute part will blow them away, guaranteed!  You'll definitely want to check out Wholeport's selection of lace fabric.  They have way more options than you'll find locally and the prices are great.  What do you think?  Would you rock a 30 minute lace skirt?

**This post was sponsored by Wholeport.  I was given products to work with and create a tutorial.  As usual, all opinions are 100% my own.**

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