My 3 Monsters: Birthday Lunch at Arby's {So yummy!!}

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Birthday Lunch at Arby's {So yummy!!}

This post brought to you by Arby's. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hi all!  Remember how my birthday was a couple days ago?  Yeah?  Well, here's one {delicious!} way that I celebrated:

Arby's new Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich for lunch -- with a side of curly fries, of course.  Sometimes a girl just wants what she wants!!  I have long been a fan of Arby's.  I always get the exact same thing when I go -- classic roast beef sandwich with curly fries and a hearty helping of Arby's Sauce {for the sandwich AND the fries}.  It's just sooo yummy and I know I'll never be disappointed with it.
But then I saw it.  The Smokehouse Brisket.  Um, hello . . . tender brisket smoked for 13 hours piled high on a toasted bun with smoked gouda cheese {are you kidding me?}, crispy onions, BBQ sauce and mayo?  Yeah, I think I could eat that.  Watch this and tell me you're not drooling:

So I made my man take me there to get one.  Because he's a gentleman, he got the regular roast beef so we could trade, just in case it wasn't the little slice of heaven I was hoping for.  He's a keeper.  But you guys!  I ate every last crumb of it.  No joke.  It was that good.  The smokey flavor was distinct, but not overwhelming and the crispy onions were awesome.  It's perfect as-is.  No need to add any additional sauce or anything.  It reminded me of the brisket sandwich that I LOVE at the high-end sandwich shop we sometimes go to.  Seriously, so good!

This is not your typical fast food, I promise.  I mean, it's fast, yes, but so far from your average greasy burger it's not even funny.  Like I said, think high-end sandwich shop here.  Definitely date-worthy -- at least for us married 17+-ers.  Find an Arby’s near you and try it today!  So tell me . . .do you love Arby's?  Will you branch out and try the Smokehouse Brisket, or do you always get the same thing?  I'm curious . . .
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