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Spider Web Pillow Covers

Hello, friends!  I wanted to share a really fun Halloween decor project that is fast and easy.  I'm late in getting out my Halloween decorations this year, but I still wanted to put a few things out before it's too late.  When I got out my boxes I found the spider web pillow cover I made for my front porch last year. I loved it so much I wanted to make a couple more in colors that match my living room this time. 

I had some leftover drop cloth fabric from when I made my couch slipcovers so I decided to use black thread and keep the pillow covers mostly neutral this time around.  That way they'll match no matter what colors I use in the future {since I like to switch things up a lot}.
I'm not going to write up a formal tutorial since they're pretty much self-explanatory.  I didn't draw anything out or plan it in any way before I got started.  It's just like drawing using thread instead of a pencil.  First I cut a piece of drop cloth big enough for the front of my pillow cover {plus a little extra for seam allowances}.  I roughly estimated where the center point of the fabric was and began sewing a spiral by turning the fabric as I sewed it.  Once I had gone around about 7 times I felt like I had a decent sized spider web. Stop when you're about 3-4 inches away from each edge of your fabric.
Next, I sewed straight lines across the spiral at varying angles.  I sewed straight across the center of the spiral first, then put my needle down in the fabric, lifted the presser foot on my machine, turned the fabric to a different angle, lowered the presser foot, and took off sewing again in that new direction.  It's completely random and willy-nilly so you can't go wrong.  Once I had enough lines crossing my spiral, I switched to a zig zag stitch and added a few little spots of zig-zagginess to add some interest.
 Spider Web Pillow Covers at
I created a spider on the web using buttons and embroidery floss.  I used a fabric covered button kit and a couple small scraps of fabric to create the body of each spider and used a smaller black button for the head.  Using all six strands of my piece of embroidery floss I sewed on the legs -- again, completely random.
To finish my pillow cover I cut another piece of drop cloth for the back, added a roughly pleated ruffle around the edge, and sewed the whole thing together with a zipper across the bottom.  {Here's a really good tutorial on Design Sponge for sewing a zippered pillow cover if you want better instructions.  You could also make an envelope pillow cover or use any method you're comfortable with.} 
 Spider Web Pillow Covers at
That's it, guys.  Super easy.  I made both of these covers in just a couple of hours this afternoon with  a few supplies I already had on hand.  I love the subtle, kinda' pretty Halloween touch they add to my gray couches.  Come back tomorrow and I'll share a couple other quick and easy Halloween decorating ideas {for those of you who, like me, are running a little behind this year}!  Have a great day everyone!

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