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Gratitude Chalkboard

Every year in the month of November, all over the blogosphere, I see a million fun ways that families recognize their blessings.  Every year I think, "That's a great idea," and then every year I do nothing.  I mean, we talk about our blessings and the importance of gratitude in our Family Night Lessons, and I usually do some kind of fun quote on our chalk wall, but I've never had an interactive display for my family.  Since I recently made my decorative chalkboard, I thought this would be a perfect time to start.

Use your decorative chalkboard to express your gratitude for blessings!  at
 Clearly my kids are still getting the hang of this,  Or maybe they're just weird teenagers.  Either way, I'm grateful for them.  Hopefully by the end of the month we will have the chalkboard all filled up.  I put a few cute accessories out to round out the vignette.

Decorating for Thanksgiving!  at

{Can you believe that pretty fabric pumpkin is really a roll of toilet paper?!}  We're having a good time trying to come up with things to add to the chalkboard as we eat dinner every night.  This may just become a new tradition for us!  Do you have a way that you celebrate your blessings this time of year?

I'm super grateful for all of you who stop by and read this-here blog every day.  Make sure to go enter the i declare! necklace giveaway I have going on right now to reward one of you, my faithful blog friends.  Hope this season is a wonderful one for you and yours!

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  1. Paton Manning? That's a total stitch! :) I love those boys!


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