My 3 Monsters: Do You Have a Clean Care Routine?

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Do You Have a Clean Care Routine?

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Hello, friends!  We are friends, right?  I mean . . . we can talk about most anything here, can't we?  Settle in and get real cozy today because we're gonna' take this whole friend thing to a whole 'nother level.  Let's talk bathroom behavior, shall we?

I have a couple of teenage boys who, bless their hearts, are DISGUSTING to live with sometimes.  It's not just them.  Word on the street is that many boys their age share this trait, and also that they grow out of it, so that's good.  But for now, I'll take any help I can get to clean things up up in here!  Not only does their bathroom require almost constant cleaning, but from time to time I have to deal with  -- ahem -- laundry issues stemming from  -- ummm -- hasty bathroom exits.  Do you get my drift?  I'm really trying to not lose any readers here. 

When I heard about the Cottonelle "Clean Care Routine", I was super excited to give it a shot. Adding a wet wipe step to our traditional dry wipe routine seemed like a giant leap in the right direction.  I mean, it makes complete sense.  When my kids were babies I didn't use dry wipes to change their dirty diapers.  I would have laughed at anyone who suggested it.  Wet wipes were a mandatory part of that routine, so why would I expect that they could get completely clean now without a moist wipe?!  Luckily, the men in my life were more than willing to play along with my little experiment. 

Here are the key ingredients in this recipe for bathroom-hygiene success:  Cottonelle's super soft dry toilet paper {my kids call this "The Good Stuff"}, followed up by their  moist Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths. 

I stocked up each of our bathrooms and waited to perform my own personal exit polls.  {Yes, my family is willing to be interviewed as they leave the bathroom.  In fact, oftentimes their post-waste commentary comes unprompted and when I'm not writing a blog post about toilet paper. Love this family!}  The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Not one person has had one single complaint after trying out the new Cottonelle Clean Care Routine.  Everyone feels "fresher" and most {OK, us girls} feel the pretty scent of the moist wipes enhances their bathroom experience.

I was probably most surprised by how much I liked it myself.  I would describe my bathroom cleanliness as above average or better.  The word impeccable comes to mind.  Thorough, at minimum, but even I was impressed by the level of freshness I achieved by adding the moist wipe step. I have a good friend who grew up in Japan and I remember her telling me about these amazing toilets they had there -- something like a bidet and a toilet and a blowdryer combined, only better -- and I was super jealous.  This Cottonelle Clean Care Routine is probably as close as I will ever come to experiencing that level of cleanliness on a regular basis.  I'll take it! 

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So, spill the beans, friends.  Do you have any tips for keeping your family's bathroom behavior from "going down the drain" {pun intended}?!

Have a great day!

Amy g.

This post was sponsored by Cottonelle.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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