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Wood Grain Valentines

Easy Stenciled Wood Grain Valentines at my3monsters,com
I told you yesterday that I had my eye on another one of the Mod Podge Rocks stencils for another project I had in mind.  Well, I stopped by Michaels while I was out running errands and  . . . . .Taaaaa daaaaaa! Wood Grain Valentines -- printable cards with a crafty touch. I am participating in the 2nd Annual Valentine Exchange at Create. Craft. Love. so I needed to make some cute cards to send out to a bunch of other crafty ladies.

These took a little time, but they were easy to put together.  I made 37 in one evening, if that helps you gauge the level of effort involved.

You Will Need:

Easy Stenciled Wood Grain Valentines at my3monsters,com
Mod Podge Rocks faux bois stencil
Martha Stewart's Multi-Surface Glitter Paint in Brownstone
small foam stencil brush
washi tape
Sharpie marker
kraft paper envelopes

Begin by stenciling the wood grain pattern using the stencil and glitter paint.  I stenciled the full pages of paper before cutting them apart into individual cards.  You will have to move the stencil several times in order to cover the whole page.  Since I was doing 10 sheets of Valentines, I stenciled the same area on each sheet before going back to the first sheet and lining up the stencil in a new spot.  This gave the paint a little time to dry so it didn't smear in the process.  Allow the paint to dry completely before cutting the Valentines out.

Cut a small piece of string, about 6 inches long for each card you are making.  Make small {¼ inch} slits in each card -- on the top edge about ¼ inch from the right edge, and on the left side about 1½ inches down from the top.  Insert string into the two slits as shown.

Easy Stenciled Wood Grain Valentines at my3monsters,com
Use washi tape to make small flags along the string.  Tear off a strip of tape about 1½ inches long and fold it in half over the string as shown.  Use scissors to snip the bottoms into points.  Use Sharpie to write a message on your flags.  That's all, folks!  Simple and cute.  The more you make, the faster it goes as you get the hang of it.  Just turn on a movie and work while you watch -- you'll be done before you know it!

Write your message on the back of the cards, place in kraft paper envelopes and seal.  Use another piece of washi tape as an accent on the back flap of the envelope.  For an added detail, use your computer to make the addresses extra special.  I can't wait to see what all the other ladies in the exchange have come up with.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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