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Take Back Vanilla

#TakeBackVanilla with these creamy rootbeer drinks at
Hi guys!  In my humble opinion, there is not much in life that isn't vastly improved with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it.  {You can take that advice to the bank, my friends.} Maybe it's because I'm vanilla.  My little family is vanilla through and through.  I have been happily married to my first {and only} love for the past 18 years.  We have 3 great kids and a dog.  We live in a little house on a quiet street in the suburbs.  We're vanilla and I love it!

We may be vanilla, but -- again, in my humble opinion -- we are far from "boring".  Because, let's be honest, that's what people think when they hear "vanilla", right?  Soooo not true!  I have lived in 10 different states.  My husband grew up in Canada and lived in Switzerland for a few years before we met.  I have been an ear piercer, an interior designer, a wedding specialist, a telemarketer, a childcare worker, a mural painter, a writer, and -- in a recent turn of events -- a school "nurse".  I'm up for just about any adventure life has to offer!  As a family we love trying new foods from around the world and stand-up comedy.  We have enjoyed going on cruises and camp outs, running races and taking road trips.  We're fun!

Unfortunately, vanilla gets kind of a bad rap.  It's plain.  It's not interesting.  Boo, I say!  Vanilla IS familiar and calming {both good qualities, no?}, but it can also be upbeat and exciting.  I'm certainly no connoisseur, but I've read that the vanilla flavor has over 170 notes -- from woody to marshmallow-y.  I think that is so interesting!  Vanilla may not a loud, in-your-face flavor, but just try baking chocolate chip cookies without it.  Not. The. Same.  And would you put a scoop of Rocky Road on your apple pie?  Girl, please!

#TakeBackVanilla with these creamy rootbeer drinks at
Vanilla is awesome and Coffee-mate knows it as well as I do.  Coffee-mate doesn't believe in "plain vanilla".  They have developed two distinctly different vanilla experiences -- French Vanilla and new Classic Vanilla.  Both are a perfect pairing for a strong flavor like coffee {obviously}, but they can be used in so many other ways, too.  We're not coffee drinkers around here, but we do love our soda.  What's that you say?  You have never put Coffee-mate in your soda?  You are seriously missing out!

#TakeBackVanilla with these creamy rootbeer drinks at
Add a splash {or more} of vanilla Coffee-mate {either Classic or French} to an icy-cold glass of your favorite root beer and you have the taste of a root beer float with a fraction of the calories.  Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I always stir my ice cream into the root beer before drinking my float anyway.  This is waaay easier and every bit as tasty.

#TakeBackVanilla with these creamy rootbeer drinks at
Being vanilla is nothing to be ashamed of -- there's a little vanilla in everyone.  The next time someone calls you vanilla, take it as a compliment!  Let's all take back vanilla {#TakeBackVanilla} and add some fun and excitement to every day!

Show us how much you love Classic Vanilla. Snap a photo of your own vanilla moment and share it with the hashtag #TakeBackVanilla (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) for a chance to have your photo featured on Coffee-mate’s social channels.

Have a great weekend, friends!


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