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The Handmade Gift Exchange at Craftaholics Anonymous®

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We've been having fun so far this summer.  Last night, on a whim, we sent our daughter off to Utah indefinitely with a friend of ours.  Dylan leaves Monday for Scout Camp and then Riley leaves the Monday after that for his high-adventure scout trip.  Tons of fun -- for the kiddos.  Mom is getting a little exhausted.  I've had my own kind of fun this summer, though.  I took part in the Handmade Gift Exchange over at Craftaholics Anonymous for the first time this year.  Have you heard of it?  Tons of crafty people sign up to participate, then are paired up at random.  You make a gift to send to your partner and they make one for you in return.  It sounded like a super fun idea -- I like to give {and receive} gifts!  

I decided to make another Tied Handle Tote Bag for Rachel, my gifting buddy.  I had some great fabric -- another Vera Bradley print -- that I combined with my favorite green and white houndstooth fabric.  You can't really see in the picture, but the lining is a small green floral print.  I used the selvage edge of the houndstooth fabric as a decorative trim since it looked a little like fringe to me.  I love the way it turned out!  This was my second Tie Handle Tote and I have given them both away as gifts.  I need to finally make one for myself one of these days!

 I received these totally adorable slippers in return.  I LOVE them!  They're so soft and comfy -- I'll get a ton of use out of them, even in the summer when the air conditioning chills my little toesies.  Thanks Rachel!  

This Handmade Gift Exchange was such a fun thing to be a part of.  The next one begins December 1st.  If you would like to participate, visit Craftaholics Anonymous® and sign up to receive a reminder email when sign-ups begin.  {You don't need to have a blog to participate.}  Visit the link above to see all the fun gifts that were sent and received this time around to get some inspiration.

Thanks to Linda for coordinating everything.  It was such a fun diversion during this long, hot summer break!

Have a great day, friends!



  1. Love that bag! This was my first exchange and it's almost as much fun to see what everyone else has done as it was to make my gift!

    1. I agree with you! It is lots of fun seeing what everybody made for their partner. This was my first exchange as well, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

    2. Anonymous14 July, 2014

      That bag is ADORABLE!! Do you have a tutorial? I'm going to have to poke around on your site! I see you have printables too so I'm definitely checking those out! I still haven't received a gift from my exchange partner but no worries since I love making stuff for other people more than receiving! The slippers you received do look so very comfy, and what a beautiful blue!

  2. I love your bag! I didn't sign up as last time (my first) was not a good experience.


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