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3-Dimensional Firecracker Art

Here's another fun Mod Podge project, as promised.  It really couldn't be any easier.  I started with one of the large Podgeable Shapes {available at Michael's Craft Stores}and used Matte finish Mod Podge to attach strips of scrapbook to the back side of the acrylic piece.  Then I cut the quote out of an old book of famous quotations that I had in my craft closet and glued that to the front of the acrylic piece, using Gloss finish Mod Podge.  Once all of that was dry, I gave it one more coat all-over with the Super Gloss Mod Podge.

To give it a fun. "firecracker-y", "explode-y" look, I attached a bunch of pieces of red, white and turquoise ribbon at the top.  Cut each piece of ribbon 2-3 inches long.  Since the hole in the Podgeable Shape is too small to feed all that ribbon through, gather up all your ribbon pieces into a bundle and tie a piece of coordinating embroidery floss around the center.  Feed the ends of the piece of floss through the hole and secure on the back side with a dab of hot glue or E6000 craft glue.  Arrange your ribbon so it looks like it's exploding from the top.  A couple of my pieces of ribbon had wired edges so I wrapped those around a pencil for a spiral effect.  Then trim the ends of the ribbon if they look too long to you.

To finish it all off, I cut a piece of coordinating scrapbook paper to fit my frame and attached my firecracker to that with 3-D adhesive mounts so that it stood off the background a little bit.  Easy, cheesy!  It's the perfect little accent piece for my little patriotic display next to the front door.  

As a side note, I did some research to find out who "Johnson" is.  It was bugging me to not know who exactly that name referred to.  Was it Andrew Johnson, former US president?  Michael Johnson, renouned Olympic athlete?  {OK, I knew it wasn't him.}  A couple of sources attributed this quote to Lord Byron {Byron Johnson?}, but most of the info I found lead me to the poet, Samuel Johnson.  Mystery solved.  If you cared. 

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