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Most Excited Girl Ever!!

If any of you know my daughter, you know that she is happiest when she is busy.  Often she'll be busy planning her next activity while we are on the way to the current one.  If any of you are friends with her on Facebook, you know what a BORING summer she is having.  She posts about it daily.

Let me show you just how "boring" her summer has been . . . 

First we went to Girls Camp.  Among her many adventures there, she won $1 at archery for hitting the bill that was taped to the target.

Most excited girl ever!!  Shortly after returning home from camp she celebrated her 14th birthday, which just happened to be her golden birthday {she turned 14 on the 14th}.  As tradition dictates, she got 14 gifts from her family, all wrapped in pretty gold paper.  That was super fun, but all of our gifts paled in comparison to having two of her best friends stop by with gifts . . . and flowers.

Most excited girl ever!!  She's grown up with these two boys, Colt and Hunter.  In fact, their birthday is just two days before hers and they were baptized on the same day.  This year they had a joint birthday party -- swimming and a movie projected on a screen in their back yard.  Roger's {the boys' dad}delicious grilled burgers, three cakes, the whole nine yards.  Super fun!

She sang a solo in church last Sunday for Father's day.  No pictures of that, obviously, but it was really sweet.  She did a great job.  Just this past week, she got to "model" headbands for Vintage Rose Wraps, a really cool local company that makes the world's cutest handmade head bands.  Katie, the lady behind the wraps, could not have been nicer!  Sis and the two other girls were adorable in their headbands:

Those are just a couple of cell phone shots I snapped while the real folks were working.  You can catch a glimpse of Sis here, too.   Most excited girl ever!!

Last night she went to her very first stake dance with her friend Xenia.  She got all dolled up in some new birthday clothes and a cute new Vintage Rose headwrap and was ready to take on the world.  Most excited girl ever!!

In between these major events, she has been swimming and babysitting tons.  She bought herself a new iPod Touch with her birthday and babysitting money, and we're getting geared up to go to Colorado in a couple of weeks.  So, you can clearly see how this has been a super boring summer, right?  I will never be able to keep up with this child, but we just love her to pieces!  She's truly the BEST teenager a mom could ask for.

I'm hoping to get my kids' bathroom made over this week.  Wish me luck!


  1. i am leaving a comment!! this is kellie mcdonald by the way :) i am glad sydney is having such a "boring" summer!! LOL. I love her! and i love your blog!!

    1. Thanks Kellie! Sydney loves you, too. She was a little sad about leaving your class when she turned 14. You're the best Bee Hive advisor ever!

  2. Sydney is the best! :) I'm gonna have to have her babysit my little lady in a few months to bring things full circle!

    1. She would love that, Emma! How crazy that we've known you long enough for you two to switch roles like that. We love you guys!

  3. I am totally cracking up! Love that little lady (although little doesn't apply anymore!). I about died when I saw her at in some photos of the stake dance on Facebook. She's just a baby - why is she at that dance? Man, I hate it when they hit milestones like that!

    So I followed your link to the headband Facebook site - and someone left a beautiful comment about Syd. Check it out, if you haven't already.

    Love you both!!!

    1. Tammy!!!

      Sydney is crazy. I don't know what to do with her. That modeling experience was the best thing that could have happened to her. Everyone was soooo complimentary and nice to her. That comment is just the icing on the cake. Every 14 year old needs a day of the whole world telling them how pretty they are. Heck, I could use a day like that!

      I love reading your blog and hearing about everything you are doing. I just keep thinking I would cry myself to sleep every single night if I were you. I so admire your positive attitude about everything. Thank heavens for Xanax!! I miss you guys so much!!


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