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The Biggest, Most Exciting My 3 Monsters News Yet

Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!  I can hardly even write this because I'm so excited.  We just got the official news that Brent and I were chosen for the Just Dance "Just Sweat" Dream Team sponsored by Ubisoft through Clever Girls Collective.  That means that for the next 4 months we will use Just Dance {you know, the rockin' fun video game} as a regular part of our {as yet nonexistent} fitness routine and blog about it right here.  The first official post will be one week from today with our before photos and some other silliness.  

To kick it all off, I'll share the one-minute audition video that we made, even though it pains me to do it.  Promise not to look to closely at the dance sequence?  I apologize in advance... 

I die inside a little bit at the thought of posting video diaries once a month and sharing my weight-loss progress, but I'm just embracing the experience.  It's been kind of easy and fun to hide behind this blog, never posting pictures of myself and letting y'all imagine whatever you'd like of me.  But here's what I have come to realize -- People can SEE me in real life.  In my mind I'm still a svelte young girl, but anyone with eyes can SEE otherwise ... and that's OK!

There is a gap of about 5 years in our family photo albums where I am non-existent.  Not one single picture of me anywhere.  By my own doing.  That's a little sad.  You've seen recently that I've put a few pictures of myself up here because I've finally decided to be OK with what I am -- a happy mom and wife, a talented, fun person {just like the rest of y'all} who happens to be overweight, but not for long. 

Anyway ... we are really excited!  When I started writing this little family blog four years ago, I NEVER imagined that it would become such a big part of our lives and provide so many fabulous opportunities for my family.  Thanks to all of YOU readers for stopping by everyday to see what's happening around here.  None of this would be happening for us without YOU.  I love y'all tons!

Have a great day! Hugs and Kisses! 


  1. That. Is. Stinking. Awesome! So excited to see the updates. There will be lots more dancing on those, right? Can't wait.

  2. Love it! Good luck and have fun! :)

  3. I am so excited for you! I love just dance and I will be sweating right along with you! Can't wait to read your updates. You inspire me friend!!!
    Have a happy, happy week!!


  4. Thanks you guys!!! Sarah, we'll see about the dancing . . .

  5. Love it!! Good luck! U guys rock and will do great!!!


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