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The $2, 5-Minute Halloween Craft Project

I'm just going to pretend like fall has arrived here in the desert, mmmkay?  It has been a long, hot summer {what's new} and I'm done with it.  Even though it's still hot and will probably continue to be until Halloween,  as far as I'm concerned, it is over.  Summer, my dear, you have overstayed your welcome yet again.  It's time to pack up your things -- all your swim suits and bright colors -- and hit the road.  Don't let the door hit 'ya on your way out.

I have always loved fall with it's refreshing cooler air and pumpkin-y baked goods.  I was born in October so I feel like this is MY time and it can't ever come soon enough.  I spent the weekend cleaning up my house -- a good fall cleaning is just as refreshing as a spring one.  While I was at it, I packed up some of my summery decor and put out some new stuff that I have been making.  I realize that Halloween is still a good six weeks away, but I put some of that stuff out, too, since I had to stage a photo for something I am working on for Rit dye.

I usually steer clear of Halloween decorations because they can be so cheap and cheesy looking, but today I'm going to share with you one of the most inexpensive, easiest Halloween craft projects you will ever find. It has some major creep factor without being in-your-face yucky, kinda' like the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  I love that ride.

As I was walking around the dollar store the other day I saw this plastic holographic picture frame:

 I knew my boys would get a kick out of the picture in the middle, but that ugly molded plastic frame is everything that is wrong with Halloween decorations.  After a brief internal debate, I decided I could cut the picture out and pop it in a nicer frame and it would probably look pretty cool.  I think it turned out better than I had hoped.

 From one angle it's just an old photo of an unassuming Cival War soldier, but take two steps to the right and . . .

. . . it's Grim Reaper time!  Granted it's not elaborate or ground breaking, but EVERYONE comments on how cool it is.  Even my husband, who just barely tolerates my need to display cutesy seasonal items, thinks this one is 'da bomb.  {He doesn't really talk all gangsta like that, thank goodness, but he does really like this picture.}

There you have it.  For two bucks {just one if you already have the 5X7 frame} and about five minutes of your time you can make a really cool Halloween showpiece.  Come back tomorrow to see a couple of fun ways to decorate pumpkins.  Have a great day, friends!

Lil\'LunaThe 36th AVENUE

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  1. I have two of these just waiting for me to give them some good frame love. Thanks for the inspiration! Adding this to my halloween to do list


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