My 3 Monsters: I Love You SEW Much{Free Valentine Printable Decor}

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I Love You SEW Much
{Free Valentine Printable Decor}

Hi everyone!  My body can't decide if it's going to sick this week or not -- I've been keeping a cold at bay for about a month now, but every few days it tries to break out and I'm worn down.  I wish it would either just go away or come on in full force so I can get over it once and for all.  This being kind-of-sick-but-not-sick-enough-to-justify-not-doing-anything is for the birds!  Anyway . . . I'm feeling OK right now so I thought I'd share a Valentine's Day printable I put together.

I have had every intention of having this printed and framing it as the backdrop for a cute Valentine's sewing themed vignette by my front door.  It was going to be really adorable, I promise.  I was going to make a heart out of vintage buttons, a fun jar full of pink and white thread spools, and some measuring tape flowers. Maybe even a table runner that looked like a giant measuring tape.  And I was going to share it all with you here on the blog.

But then the annual camp fundraiser planning began, and my toilet flooded the main floor of my house so we had to pull up some of the wood floor, and one of our circuits has gone haywire so we have no electricity to the outlets in our kitchen and bathrooms. And I'm just so tired, y'all.  But I'm NOT complaining.  Lots of people have it sooo much worse.  Shoot, we have had it sooo much worse before that this seems like a blessing.

And I did get the printable done, so if any of you talented, fun, creative ladies wants to run with the idea, I'd love to see photos of what you put together.  Click on the link below the image and you'll be taken to my photobucket page where you can download the file to your computer. {Just click Options, then Download.}  This file will work for 8x10, 11x14 {it crops off a tiny bit on each side}, and 16x20 prints. 

Thanks for listening to me moan for a minute.  Have a great day!

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