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My Most Favorite Thing Right Now

Recently I have discovered a new obsession: the Draw Something app on my phone!  Granted, I am late to the smart phone party, but how did I not know about this sooner?!  It may be a good thing that I didn't . . . When I'm not blogging or wasting time doing important research on Pinterest, I am usually doodling on my iphone for my friends.

That's not entirely true.  Usually I am waiting for my friends who are kind enough to humor me to draw back to me so that I can draw again.

That's also not entirely true.  I'm almost always doing a combination of any of the above at the same time.  How did we ever entertain ourselves without all this technology?!

You know how it works, right?  You draw a picture and send it to a friend.  They have to guess what it is and then draw something {hence the name} back to you.  I find it endlessly entertaining.  If I could make a career out of playing Draw Something, I totally would.  If any of my blog friends wants to play with me, I'm amyg1973.  Totally serious.  I wanna play with all y'all!!

Don't make me beg . . . 

Back tomorrow with some great links for Love ya, friends!

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