My 3 Monsters: My Favorite Laundry Products{and they're all on sale!}

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My Favorite Laundry Products
{and they're all on sale!}

Don't you love it when all the stars align and things seem to magically turn in your favor for a while.  Like when you set a goal to be better at doing laundry and then your favorite store has a really great sale on all your favorite laundry products.  I love that, but then I've never really been hard to impress.   I've shared with you my favorite quote that has changed is changing my attitude about laundry and my plan to makeover my laundry space.  Today I want to share a few of my favorite {totally mainstream} laundry products.

1. Downy Unstoppables: There are few things quite as enjoyable to me as the smell of fresh laundry.  These little magical pellets magnify that enjoyment a thousandfold.  That might be a little exaggeration, but they do make that enjoyable smell last longer.  They're also great for those unfortunate times when a load of laundry accidentally sits in the washer too long.  A sprinkle of Unstoppables in the re-wash takes that nasty smell right away.  But I'm not going to have to use them for that any more.  Because I'm going to be better at doing my laundry.  Correctly.  I am . . .

2. Tide Boost:  I try to use a spot remover spray on all the potential stains that I know about on our clothes, but there are inevitably some messes that I miss.  I don't inspect each piece of clothing before I throw it in the washer.  I just don't.  And I'm pretty sure I won't.  Ever.  I just throw one of these in the washer on top of the dirty clothes and they really help to catch those stains that I miss.  Love it!

3.  Ultra Tide:  I love the smell of Tide.  This is the smell of my childhood. It is what I remember my clothes smelling like when I was growing up.  I've used other brands {shoot, one time I even made my own detergent} but I keep coming back to Tide.  Aside from it's classic aroma, I feel like Tide gets my clothes cleaner.  'Nuff said.

4. Pepsi:  Because sometimes I need to knock back a cold one to keep the old energy up on laundry day.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.

5. Bounce Dryer Sheets {not pictured because I already have a stash -- I bought 2 Tides instead!}  I know some people are anti-dryer sheet, but I love them.  It's so dry here in Arizona that things get soooo static-y.  I hate that and dryer sheets help.  I also like to put them in my drawers and under the seats of my car to keep them smelling fresh, too.

So, all these great laundry helpers {and many more} are on sale this week at Kroger stores. 

Just so y'all know, today I am actually doing my laundry.  Yep.  And so it begins . . .

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  1. I love Unstoppables too! I usually stock up when they're on sale. I LOVE using it on the sheets & pillowcases!
    I love your design for the laundry room. I have a HUGE laundry space here and will hate to go back to that little nook at home. Maybe a revamp like yours will make it easier. Great ideas!


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