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Printable Vintage Valentines!

I have a fun idea I'm working on to decorate my home for Valentine's Day.  It's not quite finished yet {I'll share it soon!}, but I wanted to share some great resources I have found for Vintage Valentines as I have been working on this project. 

Vintage Valentines from the 1930's through the 1950's are super cute and a little bit quirky.  They would be fun to print on cardstock for your kids to hand out to their friends or to use in your Valentine craft projects.

 These adorable printable images can be found on Vintage Holiday  The sayings on the cards are silly and dated, which just adds to their charm.

This card comes from a personal collection of cards that have been scanned and made available to download and print in this online gallery. has a fun collection of vintage images to print, too.

 This cute bee can be found in this Flikr set of vintage images

I hope these resources are helpful to you guys as you begin thinking about Valentine's Day crafting.  I can't wait to share what I am working on with you!

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