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DIY {You Blow Me Away} Valentines

I found some cute heart-shaped whistles on clearance after Valentine's Day last year for about 10 cents a bag.  Even though I only have one kid who still passes out valentines, and he's a boy, and his teacher will hate me for passing out whistles, I had to buy them.  I knew I could make something fun with them.  Luckily D doesn't get too hung up on whether or not things are "cool enough" {or "too cutesy for a boy to give out" -- that's his dad's job} so he is more than happy to give his class these valentines this year.  Hooray for easy kids, right?

These couldn't be much easier to make.  I designed the images in Gimp -- one pink and one red to match the whistles -- and them put them into a pdf file that I could have printed at Staples copy& print center, my new favorite place.

I had them printed in color on white cardstock for about $1 per sheet.  When I got them home, I just cut the cards out with my paper trimmer and used an X-acto knife to cut an X in the upper right corner.

The whistle just pops right in that X and the paper holds it in place.  Quick and easy, like I like it.  And super cute to boot!

I don't know if you can still get the heart-shaped whistles, but Target carries some lip-shaped whistles in their Valentine's section that would work beautifully.  Or you could punch a hole and stick a blow pop in there.  I love to have options!

I think D's 5th grade class is going to love them.  So what if his teacher hates me.  He's my last kid going to that school and he'll be in middle school next year anyway.  No problem.   

Have a great day, friends!


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