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Measuring Tape Flowers

 I did it!  I got my little Valentine's Day sewing themed vignette together.  Not in the gloriously beautiful way I had envisioned, but still.  It's a much smaller statement and I really like it.  As a bonus, it's made entirely of things I already owned, so -- FREE.  Well, I did pay to have the picture printed, which was about $5, but I print out all my printables to make sure they look good so that was a sunk cost.

My favorite part of the vignette are those measuring tape flowers.  They just make me smile.  I ordered a custom dress online for my little sister's wedding and it came with that pink measuring tape, which is cute all on its own.  Since I already had several measuring tapes I decided I could spare this one.  I made all three flowers out of one measuring tape, using about 20 inches for each.

I'm a bum and didn't take pictures of how I folded the flowers, but you can kinda' tell just by looking.  I just made small loops with the measuring tape to form 6 or 7 small petals.  The whole thing is held together with a staple in the center {because I just bought a stapler for the first time ever!} but hot glue would also work. Here is a good tutorial you could follow -- it's not how I did mine, but it would work really well.  To finish them off, I hot glued vintage-looking buttons in the centers to hide the staples.

I had to get really creative to figure out how to put stems on them and I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.  I took some silk flowers I had in my craft stash and pulled them apart, without ruining the little plastic center pieces.

The two pieces in front are the ones you want to keep.  Everything else you can toss -- or save for another project.  Stick the little green peggy thingy through the sun-shaped thingy and push it back on the wire stem, like so:

Now fill the sun-shaped thingy up with hot glue and pop your cute measuring tape flower down on top.  Boom.  Stem. 

Use wire cutters to cut the flower stem to desired length and you're done.  {But also pick off that little clump of hot glue stringy stuff.  Preferably BEFORE you photograph it if you want to look like you know what you're doing.} I think they look cute and simple in a little mason jar tied with bias tape.  If I had a sewing room I'd leave these out year-round.

I love it because all that sewing crap is usually sitting out in my house anyway.  Now it is sitting out cutely and looks like it all belongs there.  Genius, right?!  What do you think? 

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