My 3 Monsters: Styling The Kids {on a Budget!}
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Styling The Kids {on a Budget!}

Have you ever tried to take a decent picture of your boys?  It's, like, impossible, right? Maybe it's just me.  I couldn't get my boys to stop "Zoolander-ing" for more than a few seconds at a time.  Whatever.  My kids are their father's goofy children.  That's not the point of this post. 

The clothes.  Look at the cool new clothes.  I got my boys to wear pink!  Magenta.  Fuchsia Islands, actually.  If Old Navy carries it, it must be cool.  We did a little shopping at the Old Navy Kids & Baby Sale this past weekend and got some really great deals.

That expression was almost normal.  The "Fuchsia Islands" striped tee was only $8 and it comes in other bright, springy color combos.

I'm loving this plaid button-down shirt for $15.  Sometimes it's fun to see my boys in something other than a tee shirt.  He styled it with this ultra-cool hoodie  and skinny jeans {$10 and $15 respectively.}  My little lady-killers are going to knock 'em dead on Valentine's day in their new "pink" outfits.

They're also set for summer to begin with plaid shorts, swim trunks, and $5 graphic tees.  Old Navy is the best when you have three kids to outfit for each new season -- on a budget.  We're Old Navy fans from waaaayyyy back.  Sis's first sentence was, "Go to Old Navy, get a new dress,"  when she was just a wee thing.  Because that's what we did . . . almost every Saturday.  She and I still love shopping there together.  {Their Perfect-Fit Tees are perfection.  Hence the name, I suppose.}  Don't just take my word for it, head to your nearest Old Navy and check out the Kids & Baby Sale for yourself.  Like, now.  The deals are that good.

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  1. Your kids are hilarious. Seriously, those pictures brought me great joy. :)


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