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Printable Binder Covers

Many of you know that I have been serving as the president of the Young Women's organization at our church for the past several years.  This past weekend I was released from that calling and given another opportunity to serve in a different organization.  {I'll tell y'all about that as soon as it becomes "official".} It has been bittersweet for me and I have shed many a tear over leaving "my girls", but my bestie, Shiela, is the one who is taking my place and I couldn't be leaving them in better hands.

Anyway . . . Today I wanted to share a digital printable I made when I was working with the Young Women.  I created this image to slip in the clear front pockets of the binders I gave to my girls at church to keep their activity calendars and stuff organized. They could be labeled and used for just about any kind of binder -- from a scrapbook to a journal to a recipe or home organization binder.  It is sized to fit an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper so you can print it right from your home printer.

Printable Binder Cover from can be customized for any use!

Just click on the image above to be taken to my Photobucket page where you can download the high resolution jpeg file.  You can use any photo editing program {from Photoshop to Pic Monkey} to add your text in the center, then print and slip it into the binder cover.  If you're wary of photo editing programs, you could insert the image into a Word document and use text boxes to add your text or just print it as-is and write your label by hand.  

If you like this design, I hope you'll click the "printables' tab at the top of the page to see more of the images I have created.  Have a great weekend, friends!!

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