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Fathers Day "Sweet Tooth" Gift Pack

Sweet retro treats for Fathers Day at

Today I wanted to share a super quick, inexpensive Fathers Day gift that your children could put together for their dad.  It's especially suited to those dads out there who have a sweet tooth.  {Sweet teeth?  Hmmm....}  I love classic candy and treats -- especially when the packaging hasn't changed much over time and still has that old-school vibe to it.  The bright, primary colors scream "Dad" to me.

On a recent trip to my local dollar store I picked up a bottle of Dad's Root Beer {the only place around here that sells it!}, a bag of Sugar Daddy suckers, and a pack of Pop Rocks.  Because our "pop" rocks -- get it?

Sweet retro treats for Fathers Day at

$3 total purchase.  Not too shabby, eh?  Not that my husband is only worth 3 dollars -- he's worth more than 3 million to us!  When I got home I cut that little comic-book-explosion shape to add the pun to the pop rocks and glued it on with a glue stick.

Sweet retro treats for Fathers Day at
I  also took a piece of golden yellow ribbon and tied it around the neck of the bottle like a tie for a fun added touch. Just tryin' to "Stay Classy", as Ron Burgundy would say.   That part was a little tricky since I've never really tied a tie before.  I had to get help from my 12 year old son!  Trim the end of the ribbon into a point and you're good to go.

While you are at the dollar store you could pick up a cute bucket or container to put all the goodies in.  I like to make a fun Fathers Day breakfast so I'm picturing these at dad's place setting when he comes to the table. Just a quick, inexpensive gift to get the ball rolling on dad's special day!

Does your dad have a sweet tooth or is he more of a savory man?  Check back in every day this week for more Fathers Day inspiration, including a guy-inspired sewing project and our favorite Fathers Day breakfast idea.  Here are my free printable Fathers Day cards in case you missed them.  Have a great day everyone!

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