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Our Favorite Fathers Day Breakfast:
The MANcake

My husband is a big breakfast fan.  From pancakes and bacon to poached eggs on toast, he loves it all.  Any time of the day or night -- there's never a bad time to eat breakfast in his book.  I think it's because he is from Canada.  He was born with the taste of maple syrup on his tongue.  Whatever the reason, we know that a hearty breakfast on Fathers Day morning will never disappoint!

Over the past few years the kids and I have become increasingly creative with the traditional pancake breakfast.  One year we made him a stack of plate-sized pancakes with crumbled bacon and sausage mixed into the batter, topped with a couple poached eggs and smothered in syrup.  This is typical of most of the recipes for mancakes you will find around the internet -- beer batter & bacon pancakes.  We're not drinkers and I wasn't gonna' buy beer just for pancakes so we went with a classic buttermilk batter.


{And apparently some chicken noodle soup in a bowl??  Not sure what that is in the bottom right corner of the photo . . .}
The next year we got super creative and concocted enough pancake-y goodness to feed a small village.  I'm not even kidding -- his one "Man-cake 2.0"  fed all 5 of us.  Here's how it {literally} stacked up:

one fluffy, plate-sized buttermilk pancake
a layer of scrambled egg
a delicious, piping-hot blueberry pancake
several strips of bacon
one more perfect, delightful buttermilk pancake for good measure
sliced fresh strawberries
a scoop {or two} of vanilla ice cream
warm, buttery homemade syrup filling every possible nook and cranny

Ridiculous?  Ridiculously delicious, I say.  It was gone before I could even get a photo:

We re-create that monstrosity this year.  There's a reason we only make this "recipe" once a year, folks.  Sometimes you just have to indulge yourself and let calorie counting go out the window for a day.  

I did a quick Google search to try and find my original inspiration for the "Man-cake 2.0" to no avail.  But I did find this super cute idea for serving silver dollar bacon pancakes in a beer glass:


Something tells me cute is not what we're going for on Fathers Day -- at least not around here.

What does your dad like to eat on Fathers Day?  Here are a couple of my husband's other favorites dishes to get your brain going:



Thanks for stopping by today!  Come back soon for a dad-inspired sewing project.  Also, check out the previous Fathers Day ideas if you missed them:  Printable cards and a Pop Rocks candy gift.  Have a great day, everyone!

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