My 3 Monsters: Gussying up the Guest Bathroom for Holiday Entertaining

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Gussying up the Guest Bathroom for Holiday Entertaining

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleHoliday

Gussying Up the Guest Bathroom for the Holidays at /
I'm not much of an entertainer.  I wish I was.  I think I used to be more, but now that my kids are getting bigger my house is feeling waaaaayyyyyy smaller so we hesitate to have people over.  Except for during the holidays.  Maybe it's because you want to feel  warm and cozy for Christmas and the tiny little house doesn't seem quite so bad.  For whatever reason, we have people over more during the holidays, which leaves me to confront one of my biggest fears head-on.  Running out of toilet paper!  The horror! 

Allow me to explain.  When I was a kid {not super young, but not quite a teenager} we went as a family to have dinner with a someone my dad knew from work.  We had been warned to be on best behavior, as they had a VERY nice home and we were a family of seven kids.  You can imagine my mom's anxiety.  Things went fine that night.  At least I don't remember my parents scolding us when we got back in the car.  What I do remember is this:  I went in at one point to use their big, beautiful bathroom, sat down, and did my business before realizing that there was NO TOILET PAPER.  I was mortified.  This was not the sit there and let it drip-dry kinda' business, either.  I carefully peeked under the sink.  Nothing.  In the linen closet?  Nope.  Not a square.  Not a Kleenex.  Not nothin'! I'll spare you the end of the story, which is definitely TMI, but it has scarred me for life

Enter Cottonelle Triple Rolls to save the day!  Each roll has as much TP on it as three normal rolls.  If I put a fresh roll on before people come over there's almost no way we could possibly run out in the course of an evening.  Phew!  Cottonelle, have you been reading my diary?

Gussying Up the Guest Bathroom for the Holidays at /

So, tip #1 for getting your powder room ready for holiday entertaining is:  Don't forget the Cottonelle Triple Rolls. 

Seriously.  Don't.  Don't scar your guests for life.  The holidays are supposed to be happy times.  These triple rolls fit on a regular old TP holder and they're a hostess' dream come true.  It's nice and soft {you wanna' put out the good TP for guests, right?!} and you won't have to worry about changing the roll all the time.  BTW, that roll in the picture is on wrong -- in the great toilet paper debate, I am a staunch supporter of the up-and-over faction.  I can't get my kids to take a stand so sometimes this is what I have to live with.  

Here's a great deal I HAVE to share with y'all:  I got my Cottonelle Triple Rolls at Target where you can use an awesome coupon to get a free box of Kleenexes when you buy a 12 or 20 pack of Cottonelle Triple Rolls.  {While supplies last!}  That's a great deal because I almost always need Kleenexes, too, this time of year.  Sweet!

Tip #2:  Special Smells

I don't know about you, but sometimes our bathroom takes on a temporary . . . less-than-fresh? . . . aroma.  I've tried all kinds of air fresheners in there to help things out, but haven't really found anything that I love.  But then I had a stroke of genius -- a rosemary tree!  You can get these for pretty cheep at your local garden center or home-improvement store, they look like miniature Christmas trees, and they smell amazing.  I brought mine home and repotted it in a pretty white ceramic pot. In a little 3x5 powder room like ours, it fills the whole space with the most heavenly, clean, fresh scent and it's all natural.  No more fakey-fake vanilla for me.  Plus, did I mention, it looks like a little Christmas tree.  Love that!

Tip #3:  Fresh Hand Towels

Gussying Up the Guest Bathroom for the Holidays at /
'Tis the season to bust out some fresh white hand towels.  I picked up a cute little snowflake ornament to hang from the towel bar, too.  It looks Christmassy-cute, but you can still use the towels after the holidays have come and gone.  I have been trying to teach my kids to use the back flap of the towel to dry their hands so the front stays clean and pretty for guests who just stop by.  So far, so good . . .

Tip #4:  Add a few fun accessories.

Gussying Up the Guest Bathroom for the Holidays at /
There's not a ton of room to accessorize in a powder room, but I put out a few cute, wintery things.  My husband's vintage-style cast iron car with a bottlebrush tree strapped to the top of it is sitting in a jar of epsom salt snow for a snowglobe-like effect.  On the other side of the sink is another bottlebrush tree in a smaller jar and a mini rosemary tree.  Oooh -- that reminds me -- I need to fill up that minty-smelling hand soap jar.  You don't want to run out of hand soap either.

Gussying Up the Guest Bathroom for the Holidays at /
Last, but not least, I swapped out the regular framed art for one of my Santa portraits.  I told my kids it's because Santa is always watching you -- no matter where you go or what you are doing.  My 13-year-old said, "Even in the bathroom? Weirdo."  I guess that was a little creepy, come to think of it.  I think Santa adds the perfect Christmas flair to the tiny little space.  

Don't forget to print your coupon while supplies last and head to Target for your Cottonelle Triple Rolls!   Happy {worry free!} Holidays thanks to Cottonelle and Target!

This post was sponsored by Cottonelle and Pollinate Media Group.  All opinions are my own.

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