My 3 Monsters: Embroidered Snowflake Pillow Covers
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Embroidered Snowflake Pillow Covers

Embroidered Snowflake Pillow Cover at

I'm feeling pretty good this year in the Christmas decorating department.  I got my tree put up before we left to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and decorated it Monday after we got home.  Aaaaaand . . . that's about it so far.  But the rest will come together really easily -- swap out a few pieces of art work and string garland down the stairs -- no big.  I loved the embroidered snowflake ornaments I made for my friend so much that I made a few more for our own tree.  Then, I liked those so much, I decided to stitch up some giant snowflakes for pillow covers to go with the flannel pillows I made last year.

I am loving the way they turned out.  {Welll, not they yet.  I only have one of the two finished, but how could the other one go wrong?!}  It has a little Scandinavian feel to it, which reminds me of a ski lodge or something cozy like that.  Plus, y'all know how I love to repeat a motif to tie a room together.  This does just that! 

The process to make these embroidered snowflakes is pretty much exactly like the ornaments.  I cut a piece of black canvas fabric big enough to fit the front of my pillow.  Then I took a big piece of paper and drew out a very basic design to fit my pillow front, transferred it to the fabric with chalk, and started stitching.  I kept adding layer upon layer of embellishment until I was happy with the way it looked.

Embroidered Snowflake Pillow Cover at
Once the embroidery was finished, I sewed  a basic envelope-back pillow cover with white pom-pom fringe around the edges.  The fringe reminds me of little snowballs, which is pretty awesome in my book.

Embroidered Snowflake Pillow Cover at
So, that's it, my friends.  Another super easy {though a little time-consuming} project for you!  I Redboxed  a movie today so I can cozy up and finish the second one.  How is your Christmas decorating coming along? 

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