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Summery Bandana Wreath

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Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /

It’s finally summer!!!!  Can I get a big Hooray?!  The kids are out of school and the  weather is warm.  It feels like a pretty good time to celebrate!  I am so looking forward to the next few months of lazy days with my kiddos, no schedules, swimming, and vacations.  Now is the perfect time to give your front door a cheerfully casual summer makeover with a Bandana Wreath.

I love wreath ideas that are quick and inexpensive.  That way I don’t feel guilty about changing my front door decor every month or so, with the season or the holiday.  I also like to be able to re-use some of the main wreath parts.  This wreath fits the bill on all counts!  It cost right around $5 and only took about 10 minutes from start to finish.  Plus, you will be able to re-use the wreath form for your future creations.  Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • 12-inch styrofoam wreath form
  • 2 bandanas
  • straight pins

Step 1:  Begin by making your bandana bow.  Sometimes it’s good to start with the fun stuff — like eating dessert before your dinner, right?

Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /
Cut one bandana in half straight across the middle {pic.1}. DO NOT cut corner-to-corner. You need a rectangle, not a triangle. Set the other half aside for later.

Fold your bandana piece almost into thirds {pic.2} , hiding the raw cut edge under the opposite hemmed edge.

Then tie the folded bandana piece into a loose knot in the center {pic. 3}. Do not pull the knot tight at this point. Loosely arrange the fabric so that the “pointy” portion of the knot is facing the front and the overlapped fabric edges on the loose ends are facing the back. Just wiggle and twist the ends of the fabric on each side of the knot until it looks about like the picture above. You will be able to do some more fluffing and adjusting later to get your finished bow just right.

Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /

Looking at the back side of your bow, pinch the ends of the fabric on one side of the knot together and feed them through the back of the knot {pic. 4}.  This is why we left the knot so loose before!

Do the same things with the remaining fabric on the other side of the knot.  Pinch the ends together and gently feed it through the back of the knot, on top of the opposite end that you already put through.  Try to make both loops equal in size.  You should have a bout 1/2-inch of the fabric ends showing on the back of the bow {pic. 5}.

Flip the bow over so you are now looking at the front side of the bow.  Pinch the TOP LAYER ONLY of the fabric on each side of the knot and pull outward to tighten up the knot and secure the ends in place in the back {pic.6}.  Twist and fluff and arrange the bow loops until it looks just how you like it.  Set the bow aside for later.

Step 2:  Tear the remaining 1 -1/2 bandanas into approximately 1-inch wide strips.  Make a little snips every inch or so along one edge of the bandana with scissors, then tear it all the way down.  You may need to use scissors again to snip through the hem at the opposite end.

Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /
 Step 3:  Wrap your wreath form with the fabric strips.  I like to use pins instead of hot glue so that when I’m ready for a change, I can just unpin everything and use the wreath form again for a different design.  {This particular form I am using has been used for almost 10 different wreaths and is still going strong!}  Push straight pins right down into the foam to attach the fabric to the wreath as shown above.  Pin the end on, wrap it around and around {3-4 times, usually} until you run out of fabric, then grab another strip of fabric and repeat until the entire form is covered.

Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /
 Keep all your pins hidden on the back of the wreath so that they don’t show from the front.

Step 4:  Attach the bow to the front of the wreath using more straight pins.  You can hide the pins in between the layers of the bow’s fabric so that they don’t show either.

Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /
This super-simple wreath is the perfect addition to our front entryway.  The bandana print screams “summer” to me and the bright yellow is so sunny and fun against our black door.  You could try combining two or more different colors of bandanas for a fun, colorful look — maybe red, white, and blue for the 4th of July?  They also have really cute bandanas in non-traditional prints at Hobby Lobby for $1 each that would make adorable wreaths -- you may see one of those soon if you come to my house....

Super Easy $5 Bandana Wreath at /
These bows make great hair accessories as well!  While I was working on this wreath, I made an extra bow and hot-glued a large alligator hair clip to the back of it.  It looked so cute clipped on my daughter’s ponytail that we decided to make them in the craft cabin at our church camp for teenage girls this summer and they were a huge hit!

Happy Summer, friends!  


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  1. This is super cute...and so bright!! I love the bright yellow bandanas. I would love it if you linked this up to my Motivate Me Monday linky party on IT'S A ginger SNAP.


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