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Do You Ever feel Like You Just Can't Catch a Break?

Yeah, that's me today.  I was out working on a mural project {yay!} and cruising right along {holla!} thinking that I was actually going to finish in one day!!!  And then . . . do you know what is every mural painter's worst nightmare?  We'll mine anyway?  Spilling paint on a clients pristine beige carpet.  Yep.  A gallon of sky blue paint right on the carpet.  And then, because I like to keep it positive, I thought, "Hooray!  I have Tammy's steam cleaner in the back of my van because I was going to give it back to her a couple weeks ago and kept forgetting!"  {By the way, thanks Tammy.  Sorry.  I'll get it back to you as soon as I clean it up -- Promise.}  So I started cleaning and things were going better than you might expect , except when I tried to take the thingy out to change the water, it slipped out of my hands and the blue, painty water which is really mostly paint spilled all over the carpet.  But not in the same place.  No.  In a completely other spot on the carpet.  And splashed up on the wall, but not the wall I had been painting, and all over my feet and my favorite purse.  So I stood there frozen for what seemed like a year, but was really probably ten seconds, wanting to die.  But then I thought, "The only thing to do is keep cleaning," which I did for about an hour before I decided to call for reinforcements.  I dispatched Brent to Lowes to find any kind of industrial strength carpet cleaner and bring it to me.  He called about 30 minutes later telling me my directions were bad -- there was no Pecos Road just off the freeway exit, said he -- and, while I was ever so grateful for his help, he sounded a little blame-y, which I didn't enjoy.  Turns out he had taken the NORTH end of the 202 loop, not the SOUTH end.  Another 30 minutes later and I got a call from some random cell phone I didn't recognize.  It was Brent, calling from some stranger's phone because his had just died.  Yep, that sounds about right. Long story not so short, he got there, we used the super industrial cleaner AND the steam cleaner and, after I had spent the better part of five hours from start to finish the carpet looked almost like nothing had ever happened.  And the mural looked like a hot mess.  I worked for a while longer, but because I'm a chicken I did NOT want to be there when the client came home -- they weren't planning on me being there anyway.  So I left a note explaining all that had happened, but in not quite so much detail as I explained it to you all, my friends.  I told her that if the carpet didn't look OK to call me so we could figure out how to make it right.  She just texted me as I was writing this and said, "How much do I owe you, Silly"  so I guess all is well.  And I'm going to drown the rest of my sorrows in a great big bowl of ice cream.


  1. You poor thing....glad you got it all up.

    I did something like that only not with paint...but spilling a thingy of filthy water down the entire flight of stairs I had just finished with only minutes before company was to arrive.

  2. I have been reminded in the past week that holding a newborn makes all your stress melt away. Maybe you should borrow one to hold while you're eating your ice cream . . . :)

  3. I want to die for you. You handled this much better than I would have. Seriously, no tears? You are such a pro!

  4. Sucky. Seriously. I am so sorry that your day went from high-to-low and then worse.

    Deep breath.

    I believe in little miricles. Like the fact that you had the carpet cleaner IN your car and were able to get the worst of it up right away. *blessing*

    You always hear that "things happen for a reason" and "trials are here to help us grow"... too bad that doesn't ever make you feel any better in the moment :)

    I hope today is a better day - love you!

  5. Luh-uve the new blog header! Amazing! :) You never cease to amaze me!


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