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My Swan Song

 And there you have it.  The last mural I will EVER paint.  {Not really, probably, but after this week . . .}I'm not the biggest fan of this one - in fact it kinda' looks like the butterfly is pooping a rainbow and flowers to me. It is exactly what they asked for {well, not the pooping part} and I do like that butterfly.  Whatever.  Now I can move on with my life and stop feeling sick to my stomach every time I think about that carpet.  Girls Camp Fundraiser in two days!!!  Whoop, Whoop!


  1. That butterfly is gorgeous! I don't see butterfly poop - I see a beautiful butterfly that is creating a rainbow as it flutters above the garden.
    A perfectly girlie room! LOVE IT! I don't see any spots on the carpet either BTW.

  2. I did that on purpose. The paint spot is just to the right of where that picture ends. Thanks, though. That's why you're one of my besties!

  3. There is a former muralist in my ward. I just knew her as the lady who does great face-painting at Halloween and is an accomplished baker and cook. Then one day I noticed the fabulous mural at our local library was signed by her and I commented on it next time I saw her. "Oh yeah--that was another lifetime. I don't do that anymore." People like me just don't get NOT doing something you are so great at, but whatever, I guess you and she have enough talent to choose.


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