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Something New

I was talking to my friend, Olivia, on Sunday saying that I wished I could find a way to get someone to pay me to digi-scrap things.  Because wouldn't it be great if we could all do what we LOVE for a living?!  The more I thought about it, the more I thought, "Why not?!"  So, this week I added a new line of items to my Etsy shop.  It's a series of customizable birth announcements, invitations, and such.  Folks can pick a design they like, send me their photograph and specific information and I will send them back a hi-res flattened image that they can print wherever they want, however much they want.  I know it's not a novel idea.  I'm just jumping on the scrap-for-hire train, but I love it soooooo much and I'm running out of things to scrap for myself.  Here are some of the designs I have already created:

(I have always loved those lines from William Wordsworth -- wish I knew how to do this when I was having babies.  Boo.}  Anyhoo . . . that's where I've been these past few days.  I'll be parked here at the computer working on a few other ideas whilst I enjoy the royal wedding in the morning! Oh, how I love fancy wedding eye candy . . .


  1. Great idea - and beautiful projects! I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. Once again - Pueblo PTO is me forgetting to sign out of my PTO stuff before commenting. SORRY~


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