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It's almost too beautiful, is it not?!  I had another {nearly} sleepless night last night -- anyone know what to do for restless leg syndrome?! -- but it allowed me to view the spectacle as it happened at 3:00 this morning.  I guess my night could have been worse.

PS:  I'm serious about the restless leg syndrome.  Tips?  Anyone??  It is miserable.


  1. I get restless leg syndrome every time I'm pregnant. The only cure I have found is exercising hard enough (like spin class or, at this point, walking on an incline on the treadmill) that my legs are tired. And stretching them out really well afterwards.

  2. My mom struggles with the same thing - and after many, many years of sleepless nights, finally talked to her doctor. There is a perscription medication that just makes it stop. *snap* gone! She now sleeps without that urge to get up and move.
    I'd suggest talking to your doctor.

  3. I've been reading up online about it. The prescription has varying degrees of success and depression is a side effect -- at least that's what I've read. And really, for me,it comes and goes in spurts. I'll have it really bad for about a week and then nothing for a while. I found some stretching exercises online that i tried last night and I slept great and still feel good today . . . so far. We'll see.

  4. GRRRRRRRR... that was me, not Riley. I HATE the "stay signed in" feature!!

  5. I know nothing about restless leg syndrome, but after watching the royal wedding stuff at Jen's house this week I have decided to marry Pippa Middleton. Just so ya know.

  6. I was thinking how hot she was as I watched it. In a completely non-sexual, happily married to a man for 15 years kind of way, of course... You have my approval. I want to be related to Pippa, too!

  7. Again, NOT Riley. Hate stay-signed-in!!

  8. I've had restless leg issues on and off. In some people it can be a sign of a calcium or magnesium deficiency, so supplements (including vitamin D, too) have really helped. It can also be a side effect of certain antihistamines, especially benadryl.
    I hope you can find some relief, it's miserable to not be able to sleep.
    I really enjoy your blog, I have 3 kids as well and recently started my own -- I'd love for you to stop by!


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