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Happy Easter

*sigh*  I couldn't sleep last night.  I literally did not sleep at all last night.  Which is OK, really, because I got a lot done once I finally accepted that Mr. Sandman wasn't comin' my way.  I watched a couple of movies I had recorded and never found time for.  I baked some Easter Bunny Buns -- delish and adorable.  I've got another batch raising right now.  I made some dried pineapple flowers to adorn the Hummingbird Cupcakes I planned on making for my girls at church.  I also designed this little Easter printable to go with the cupcakes.

{I made it wallet-sized to slip under that yellow ribbon on the box, but now I kind of wish it was larger to frame and keep in my house all year.  I realize it's too late to be helpful to anyone this year, but if y'all like it you can pin it.  So, I'm no Martha, but this is what my Hummingbird cupcakes look like all wrapped up {in lovely little boxes from Garnish}and ready to go:

 {Please excuse the horrible lighting. It's dark out and I may be just a little bit exhausted now.}  It's a fun little Easter treat that looks like a million bucks and tastes even better.  

Happy Easter everyone!

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