My 3 Monsters: Floating Vases for Your Favorite Spring Flowers

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Floating Vases for Your Favorite Spring Flowers

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Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons here in Arizona -- the times when the heat isn't so relentless and we feel super lucky to be far from the snow.  There are a few things I watch for to signal the beginning of Spring, my favorite being when I go to the store and I'm greeted by big buckets of daffodils for sale.  That's when I start to feel the Spring Fever in my bones.  It means we're just weeks away from Easter, followed by the long slide into Summer vacation.  It starts to be a little lighter every day when I wake the kids up at 5:45 in the morning for school and there's just a different feeling in the air. It snuck up on me this year.  I walked into my favorite market and there they were, all bright and beautiful -- the daffodils!  I had to buy a few bunches because they're so inexpensive it just doesn't seem right not to.  Plus, I had been planning on making these floating vases anyway so it was serendipitous to say the least!

Browsing on Pinterest a few weeks back, I came across this awesome idea from Bev at Flamingo Toes and I just knew I had to re-create it on the chicken wire board in my dining room.  I chose a bright, springy green for my frames, but I love the multi-colored effect of Bev's finished project, too.  It was so easy to put together, mostly out of things that I already had on hand.

Floating Vases & Frames

  • picture frames -- thrift- and dollar-store frames are great for this!
  • small glass vases, mason jars, or other small containers with a lip at the top
  • paper clips
  • twill tape or ribbon -- about 24" per bottle
  • felt scraps
  • tape
  • hot glue 

Step 1:  Paint your frames the desired color(s) and allow to dry.

Step 2:  Prepare the vases for hanging.  Bend paperclips into S-shaped hooks as shown below.

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Tape the paperclip to the back side of the bottle or vase.  I used washi tape because it shows up better in photos for demonstration purposes, but clear scotch tape would probably be better.  The tape is just to help hold it in place while you wrap the ribbon, not to hold the weight of the vase, so don't worry too much about what kind you use.

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Leaving about a 6-8 inch tail, hold your ribbon on the front of the bottle {just under the lip at the top} with your thumb.  Wrap the opposite end of the ribbon around the bottle twice, the first time weaving the ribbon between the two metal pieces of the paper clip, and the second time wrapping it on top of both metal pieces as shown below:

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Tie both ends of the ribbon into a bow on the front side of the bottle and trim the ends evenly.

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The hook is now securely attached to the ribbon {which is holding the weight of the vase when it is hanging} and the lip is keeping the ribbon from slipping off.  Carefully fill each vase about 2/3 full with water and cut your flowers to fit.

Step 3:  Prepare the frames for hanging.  Once the paint has dried, flip the frames over.  Bend two more paperclips into S-shaped hooks for each frame.  Situate the hooks on each side of the frame so that the top of the hook lines up with the top edge of the frame on each side.  

Drizzle some hot glue all over the bottom hook and place a small scrap of felt on top of the hot glue.  Press the felt down into the glue really well to adhere it to the frame and sandwich the paperclip in between.

Step 4:  Hang everything up on the chicken wire.  Just slip the curved ends of the paperclip "hooks" over the chicken wire in the desired spots.  Easy Cheesy!

DIY Floating Vases at /
It's so pretty and cheerful you almost don't notice the dirty dishes in the sink!  Hey, at least I moved them off of the countertops and into the sink for y'all. I was losing the daylight to take pictures and didn't have time to wash them in the moment.  {Plus, it's the kids' chore, not mine.  Just sayin'.}  But the flowers are pretty -- sooo pretty, right?!  Look at the floating vases, friends.  Just the vases.  

What's your favorite sign that spring is finally here?

Have a beautiful day, guys!


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