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Paper Flower Spring Wreath

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Happy Friday, friends!  Remember the Shamrock Wreath I made for St. Patrick's Day?  I attached all the decorative elements with straight pins so that I could reuse the basic yarn-wrapped wreath for seasons to come.  I simply pulled off all the shamrocks and rosettes from before {and stored them in my craft closet to reassemble next year!} and replaced them with some pretty paper flowers and a bright, striped bow.  Now it's perfect for spring and it only took a few minutes to do.

To begin you will need to make your flowers.  I used this fabulous tutorial at DIY or Don't to make the big yellow Ranunculus in the center.  Sarah offers a free downloadable template for cutting the petal pieces by hand or using a cutting machine like a Silhouette or Cricut.  {Someday . . . }  For this wreath you will need one Ranunculus.

I also wanted to make Spider Mums, but I didn't find a good tutorial {in English} when I searched briefly so I just made up my own as I went along and I'm happy with how they turned out!  Here's how I did it:

How to Make Paper Spider Mums

  • 12x12 inch scrapbook paper {½ sheet per flower}
  • scraps of contrasting paper for flower centers
  • scissors
  • tape or glue
  • floral wire
Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Step 1:  Make the center of the flower.  Cut a scrap piece of scrapbook paper approx. 2x3 inches.  Fold it in half lengthwise and cut slits along the folded edge about every ¼-inch as shown in the photo above.  Make sure to leave between ¼-½ inch uncut along the flat edges.  Cut a piece of floral wire about 8 inches long and bend it in half.

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Insert the floral wire into one of the slits near the center of the piece of paper and twist the ends to hold it in place.  Fold the paper in half end-to-end and roll it up around the wire as shown below:

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Use a piece of tape or dab of glue to secure the ends.

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Bend the paper outward to "fluff" the center up.

Step 2:  Form the flower petals.  This process is very similar to how you made the flower center.

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Cut a 12x12 inch sheet of scrapbook paper in half.  Fold one of the pieces in half lengthwise.  Cut slits all along the folded edges about ¼ inch apart, leaving about ½ inch uncut at the bottom.  {Just like you did to make the center.}

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Lay the flower center at one end of the strip of petals you just prepared.  Use a small piece of tape or dab of glue to secure the center in place.  Gently roll the paper around the center until you reach the other end of the strip.  Secure it in place with a piece of tape or glue.  If you want a bigger, fuller mum, use the other half of the sheet of scrapbook paper to make another strip of petals and repeat this process.

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Open up the flower and spread out the petals one at a time.   Use a pencil to gently curl the petals upward toward the center.  Re-fluff the center if you need to and you're finished!

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /

To attach the flowers to the wreath base:  Simply spread the two floral wires at the bottom of the flower apart and wrap them around the wreath base in the desired location.  Secure the flower in place by twisting the wires together in the back of the wreath and trimming the ends, if necessary.

Paper Flower Spring Wreath at /
Hang the wreath with a loop of bright coordinating ribbon tied into a bow at the top.  I just love the three-dimensional paper flowers in unexpected patterns and colors.  It's perfect for spring here in Arizona, but if you live in a place where "April showers bring May flowers", you may need to display this one inside the house instead of on the front door.  Either way, it will be a fun addition to your springtime decor.

Have a great day!


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