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Super Easy Lap or Baby Quilt
{No Quilting Required!}

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Super Easy Lap or Baby Quilt at /  {No quilting required!}

Hi guys! I've got another really fun project for you today sponsored by Wholeport, one of my favorite sources for beautiful fabric on the internet.  This month they sent me this gorgeous fuschia and gray floral print fabric to get busy with. {Yep, it's another retired Vera Bradley print.}  It is amazing in person -- the colors are to-die-for.  I also had about a yard and a half of this light pink quilted fabric in my craft closet that I had picked up on clearance a while back and I thought they look beautiful together.  

I decided to make a little lap quilt that we could use while we're watching TV.  {Sometimes the air conditioning required to keep the upstairs cool in the summer is just a little too much downstairs and you need a small blanket to keep your toesies warm.}  This size would also be great for a baby quilt.  What I love about this pre-quilted, matelasse fabric is that it means I don't have to do the quilting. Bonus!

You will need:

  • 1½ yards quilted matelasse fabric
  • approx. 1½ yards cotton fabric
Decide how big you want your little quilt to be.  This will be largely determined by how wide your fabric is for this simple project.  My floral fabric was 59 inches wide and the quilted fabric was 54 inches, so I decided to make a 54-inch square.  You will need the plain {non-quilted} fabric to be 2 inches wider than the quilted fabric in each direction {width and length}, so use that as your guide.  

Super Easy Lap or Baby Quilt at /  {No quilting required!}
For my example, I cut the quilted fabric 54" x 54" and cut my floral fabric 56" x 56".

Lay the fabric out on a large flat surface with the backing fabric right side down and the quilted fabric right side up.  Situate the quilted fabric so that you can see 1 inch of the backing fabric on each edge.  {It should look like the photo above, except with a single layer of each fabric and the floral facing down, if that makes sense.}

Super Easy Lap or Baby Quilt at /  {No quilting required!}
Fold and pin the edges of the backing fabric over the quilted fabric to create a finished edge.  Working with the 1 inch of overhang fabric on each side, first fold the raw edge of the fabric up until it is just touching the edge of the quilted fabric, then fold it again along the edge of the quilted fabric so that it is laying on top of the quilted fabric and pin it in place.

When you get to the corners, miter them just like I taught you in this napkin tutorial.  Once everything is pinned in place, stitch around the quilt.  To get a more professional look, line up the outside edge of the fabric with the right side of the presser foot on your sewing machine and adjust the needle to its furthest left position.  As you sew around the quilt, just keep the quilt edge lined up with the right side of the presser foot and you'll get a nice, even line of stitching all the way around.

Super Easy Lap or Baby Quilt at /  {No quilting required!}
That's all, folks!  You're finished and your new little lap or baby quilt is ready to go.  Just make sure you have removed all the pins first.  I accidentally missed a couple pins, causing my son to shout, "That's not a blanket, it's a mine field, mom!"  Serves him right for trying to use my new girly quilt!!  {But I'm glad he found the pins because I decided to use it as a baby gift for a shower this week.}

Thanks again to Wholeport for sending me this awesome fabric!


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