My 3 Monsters: The 80's: A Universally Unflattering Decade

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The 80's: A Universally Unflattering Decade

. . . or maybe we're all just older and fatter now. This was Chris and Greg's joint birthday party Friday night. And, for the record, the girls LIKE, TOTALLY kicked the boys' butts in the costume department. Like, for sure. I didn't know if I could still do the big bangs thing, but it was just like riding a bike. You never really lose those highly-refined skills. I DID forget to buy blue eyeshadow, though. I was like, totally bummed. Good, good times.


  1. like riding a bike... haha. I enlarged the pictures and WOW. That red prom dress is my favorite, I think. I had a similar one, in white... and kudos to Brent for taking the cardinal sin of white pants on men one step further: white SHORTS on men. Funny!

  2. Blue mascara would have been, like, totally awesome too. But I'm glad to see you nailed the accessories of lipstick, hair, and armful of bangles. You're right, the guys didn't try very hard. They could have at least pegged their jeans. Hilarious idea for a group date. Where did you guys go?


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