My 3 Monsters: A Realization.

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A Realization.

People don't notice teeth. They just don't, unless they're reeeeely bad. The teeth I mean, not the people. My friends here all noticed because I told them to specifically (thanks guys!!), but no one at the gym did when I went to work on Friday. Weird. I got lots of "Ooh. I love your hair"s and "You look really nice today"s, but not one shout out on the teeth. I thought maybe they were just being polite by withholding the back-handed compliment. (Gee, your teeth look so nice. NOW.) Except that the same thing happened when I finally got my braces off. I thought it was odd then, too. Tuesday after I left the dentist's office I walked around smiling all day thinking, "Hee hee. Everyone is looking at pretty teeth." Now I realize that NO ONE was looking at my teeth. For the first time in forever no one is looking and I just couldn't be any happier!

Now, forgive me for the awkward segue. Friday was my last day "at work". I chuckle a little as I write that because I feel like I'll still be constantly working. Anyway . . . I donned my Mountainside red for the last time and I am COMPLETELY at peace about it. I'm so excited to get my kids off to school tomorrow without frantically running around trying to get myself ready, too. I'm excited about being able to work out first thing in the morning, every morning. I'm really excited about not having to worry if one of my kids is going to wake up sick and what we will do if they do. Ahhhhhhhh. With only 3 kids, a husband, a $2500 fundraiser, a mural project to design, an Easter dress to sew, a house to spring clean before Brent's mom comes, Girl's Camp, and my responsibilities as Young Women's Secretary on my plate I feel positively care free!


  1. Amy, leave the house for me to do - what else will I have to do? Just make me a list - I can do spring cleaning for you. It would be fun at your house - then you can come and do mine. It doesn't seem like work when you do it at someone elses house - strange. Sorry about the "secrets" with the kids. It's nothing wicked or evil. You will know eventually.

  2. The kids LOVE having a secret. I don't know what's up, but they are giddy about it. And the house will be clean when you get here. Relatively. I AM going to be gone for the entire week before . . .

  3. Seriously - my mom will clean my house, too! Even if I clean it non-stop from now until we leave - she will find something productive to do! I love it & I love her! Mom's show love through service (that's how we roll), hence your long list of to-do's...
    BTW: your teeth are fabulous! You carry yourself higher. Your personality is brighter - that is SOOO noticable that the teeth melt into the fabulousness! LOVE THEM!


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