My 3 Monsters: Easter "Egg"stravaganza

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Easter "Egg"stravaganza

We get such a kick out of ourselves. Enjoy!
Rust"egg" polka dots.
(Get it? Rustic? Ha ha.)

Kobe Bry"egg"nt -- obviously on injured reserve
for a massive head "egg"che.

A Pter"egg"dactyl egg.

Fruits and V"egg"etables. Watermelon to be exact.

This one's from Canada. Cool, "eh"gg.

Ch"egg"ken Little.

The Steve Nash. From the Phoen"egg"s Suns, of course.

"Egg"stremely stickered.

Just monk"egg"ing around.
No lame pun here. The outfit speaks for itself. Oh dear.

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