My 3 Monsters: A Little Something We Whipped Up for Easter.

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A Little Something We Whipped Up for Easter.

Unless you're reading this blog for the first time, you of course understand that by "we" I mean "me" and by "whipped up" I mean spent just a couple spare hours Thursday afternoon before frantically running off to the next project on my never ending to-do list. She does look lovely though, doesn't she? Thanks for teaching me to sew all those years ago, mom.

(I want a top just like that to wear with jeans and ballet flats. Ooh! And maybe I could snag that cute peony hair clip from her, too. I can't wait until we wear the same size in anything other than shoes and hair clips. Yeah, I know I'm dreaming . . .)

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  1. Poor Emily had to put together an Easter outfit out of stuff she had in her closet. I was to untalented to sew and to cheap to buy new this year. It is an amazing outfit.


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