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The Rx for What's Ailing Me . . .

This morning was a rather trying morning with one of my children. After 45 minutes of weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth I got said child dropped off at school (twenty minutes late). As I was pulling out of the school parking lot muttering previously suppressed obscenities under my breath, I had a vision. Like a heavens-parting, choirs-of-angels vision.  My kids' school is directly across the street from a beautiful park with green grass and a lake. I was all dressed to go to the gym (luckily) so I pulled in the parking lot, got out of my car and started walking. Fast. And hard. With a scowl on my face, I'm sure. It was just me out there. Just me and a bunch of older gentlemen fishing. I walked and walked. Gradually more people began to show up on the walking trail, not one of them screaming at me or clawing at my hands. Then again . . . I wasn't trying to brush their hair. Eventually I found myself smiling and saying good morning. It felt good. Good morning, lady with a knee brace. Good morning, grandpa pushing the adorable little girl on the swing. Good morning, Indian man with impeccable manners. Good morning, middle schooler. Run along now. Don't be late. And good morning to you, pleasant Asian lady on the bike. And then I realized . . . I wasn't angry or hurt or stressed out any more. It was a miracle. Six laps around the park. 40 minutes of fresh air and sunshine. Three miles. Sane mommy.


  1. It amazes me how these "ideas" all of a sudden become part of our thinking and can be implemented right on the spot! I do believe someone was watching out for your sanity today! Good for you for taking advantage and turning a grumbling morning into something that made other peoples day brighter as well as your own.

  2. This is such a great post. I love the list of good mornings to random parkgoers - a fun read. It is nice to run into to people that don't claw one - isn't it?


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