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Highlights from Colorado

Casa Bonita, table for one . . .
This was the restaurant I fondly remember visiting as a child. And it STILL exists. So, on a whim last night I decided to go there to celebrate finishing my 7 day project in only 5 days. While it was EXACTLY as I remember it, Casa Bonita is not a place to go and eat by yourself. I did get cool souvenirs for the kids.
This reminded me of my nephew, Kyle, who calls his man part his "yank'. I laughed out loud every time I drove back to my hotel.
. . . and the teasers . . .
My new murals. You'll have to click the business card link on the side bar to see the rest of the photos. (But maybe not until Sunday night because I'm probably heading to bed right now.)

I'm happy to be home with my family again. And I'm super happy that Brent's mom is here and we (B and myself) are leaving on a cruise Monday morning. I need a little time to recover from a week of 14 hour work days before I jump right back into being a Super Mom Wannabe again.


  1. I saw Casa Bonita and gasped and put my hand over my mouth, thinking maybe you had done some painting there. Casa Bonita was a hot spot growing up - we spent senior skip day there (lame, I know :)).

    Beautiful murals! Have fun on your cruise!!

  2. The murals are SO awesome! You are amazing, and I can't wait to hear about the cruise.

  3. How you take a bunch of blank walls and turn them into beautiful art is beyond me. Well done.

  4. Haha, the sign says Yank!!


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