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I've delayed sharing the outcome of my little experiment the other day because I've been trying to process the data and analyze results. If you recall, I trashed the living room in an effort to teach my children NOT to trash their bathroom. Perhaps a breach of logic, but I was grasping at straws. Several things happened for which I was not prepared.


my children DID notice the mess. A couple of times they asked, "Mom, why are your clothes out here on the floor?" as they removed them so as to keep their precious puppy from doing damage. Huh. Unexpected.


Sis (that little stinker) read my blog. She knew what I was doing the whole time and acted out accordingly. She is the only one who raised a fuss about having to clean up a "fake mess". The boys, in their special, inefficient way, just plugged along with rather less weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth than I had planned on. Weird.


while we were eating our delicious cake after the fact, I asked my kids if they thought it was unfair that they had to clean up my mess. My boys both said, "No. It was fair because you clean up our stuff all the time. And you're the best mom in the whole world." AWWWWWW . . . . I have good kids. Really good kids.

But their bathroom is still a mess, so, you know. . . it is what it is.

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