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My Debt Has Been Repaid

My idea of a perfect first anniversary:

Complete with "fancy" theme rooms, a whirlpool tub, and complimentary cheesecake.
Sounds good , no?

Maybe not to everyone . . .

My husband's idea of a perfect first anniversary:

You may guess who won this battle. It was the first of many times my husband has let me have my way even though he knew I was wrong. So very wrong.
Ahhh . . . the French Canopy Suite WAS lovely. And oh-so boring! I mean really, how many times can you, ahem, anyway . . . before it just gets old. (And "that" is really the only point of going to that particular hotel on your anniversary.) Too pour salt on the hubby's wounds, as we were watching Grumpy Old Men on the laser disc player (yeah, I'm laughing, too) we could hear said concert going on three short blocks away. We walked over there and sat and listened in the stadium parking lot. It was romantic. And ridiculous.

So yesterday I finally repaid my debt to that wonderful man:

I've owed him a U2 concert for the past twelve and a half years and now we're finally even. He went with friends Chris and Katie and had a fantastic time. I'm glad. He's put up with a lot from me over the years.

(Love you, baby!)


  1. Jeff laughed when I told him about this post. We were at that concert! I didn't remember the details of why you guys weren't there, but he did. I do remember Ryan was there with us. It was an amazing concert...I do know that. Glad you finally made it up to him. What good, patient husbands we have!

  2. That is hilarious. Such a newly married husband-wife thing, so careful not to hurt feelings. Glad you finally got to go see them in concert. I'm sure it was amazing.

    Happy belated birthday, too. I was just telling someone the other day about your "trifecta" desire. I'm so happy for you that it finally came true. What a good friend to take all of your kids for the night.


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