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Nothing Much To Say . . .

I like to blog every day. I really try. It's how I vent. But this week for some reason, I got nothin'. I'll start posts and delete them just as quickly because, really, there's nothing there. It's the natural ebb and flow of creativity, I guess. Here are some of the things I thought about saying:
  • I won $100 last night.
  • The Dish Network man was at my house for two and a half hours today setting up our service.
  • I took Riley to the dentist to get two cavities filled and, as it turns out, he only needed one. And he took it without novacaine.
  • Sydney went to her first sleep-away camp-type experience Monday and Tuesday for school. It was so QUIET in our house. And Cass was sad.
  • I made taquitos from scratch. Jose Ole, eat your heart out.
  • The new Bounce Bar is the most fabulous invention for laundry ever. You MUST go get one and put it in your dryer immediately.
  • I volunteered to chair the Middle School PTSO Dance committee. What was I thinking?! Now I have to coordinate ticket sales and chaperones for the upcoming dance. Ugh.
  • Fall Break can't come soon enough.
See! I got nothin'. Whatever. I've been busy as a bee, I just don't have anything interesting to say about it. Let's face it, sooner or later one of my children is going to really mess something up and then we'll all laugh again. Tomorrow is a new day . . .


  1. I have been doing the same thing..starting blogs and then not posting them. How many times do people want to hear about my on-going "celebration" of NO KIDS? I guess we will find out. We should get together! Think of the blog posts..I might even get a pedicure.

  2. I have been experiencing a lack of blogging ideas as well. Although, I must say that the things you posted about are more interesting than anything going on in my life. Where'd you win $100? BTW, I made a few onesies and even Erik agrees, they are ADORABLE!

  3. Cynthia, uh, post pictures of the onesies! I'm dying to see them. Also, I participated in a focus group about school fundraisers. I got paid $100 and then they drew my name for an additional $100. It was super fun, just not a very interesting story.

    Cathy, celebrating children being in school NEVER gets old. Not ever.


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