My 3 Monsters: A Series of Unfortunate Events

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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Somedays you just have to be able to laugh. Most days actually. I mentioned in an earlier post how I had over-committed my week. My time was scheduled down to the minute Wednesday if I was going to fit everything in. I had to drop Sis to school early (her choice), run home and flatiron my hair, then run to Young Women's Presidency Meeting by 8:30. Bringing the puppy with us on the school drop off seemed not a big deal. Until she vomited in the van on the way home. Hadn't planned on that. Then, as I was cleaning up the vomit, trying to NOT get it on my freshly ironed blouse, she went #2 on my bedroom floor. Hadn't budgeted time for THAT either.

I just had to chuckle, it reminded me so much of when my three young'uns were all 3 and under. Brent worked the noon to nine shift at work back then. I was trying to feed the three- and one-year old pancakes for dinner (we did that a lot in those days) while nursing the baby. One kid threw up at the table so I decided to scrap dinner and put them all in a bath together. As the tub was filling up, one of my motley little crew went #2 in the tub. So I got them all out, lined them up on a towel to wait while I cleaned and refilled the tub. It wasn't two minutes before another one had gone #2 there on the towel. No sooner had I refilled the tub, put the two bigger kids in, and left the baby screaming on the floor to clean up the new mess, than a kid threw up in the tub. At this point all 4 of us were in tears. I turned on the shower to hose them all down so I could re-diaper them as quickly as possible. Brent came home from work that night to find us all sleeping in a heap on the couch with a barf bowl within my reach and a bathroom-full of "carnage" that I just didn't have the energy to clean up.

That story is funny. Now. Anyway, I got to my meeting on time Wednesday and the rest of my day went according to schedule. So, add dog vomit to the ever growing list of vile smells in my van and add riding in the van to the ever growing list of things I will not do with my dog. And if a little birdie told you I stayed in my pajamas with no make-up on all day yesterday, please cut me some slack. I'm not really as lazy as I look sometimes.

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