My 3 Monsters: Happy Birthday to ME!!!

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Yeah, OK, so yesterday was my 36th birthday. Whatever. Here's the good stuff . . . my friend Jamie (the other mom in "Team Wellson" who took Disneyland by storm last week) invited all three of my children over for a sleepover last night. ALL THREE. Her birthday gift to me was "The Trifecta" I have long dreamed of. It was nice . . . for me. Cassie was sad. Whatever.

Someday I'll be woman enough to return the favor.


  1. Happy Birthday to you! What a fantastic gift to give too. You're still a youngin'!

  2. Happy Birthday Amy! I tried to call you but I seriously cannot don't have your number anymore. I hope you had some great "quiet" time. Did you and Brent play cards?


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