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A Business Opportunity Too Good to Pass Up

When we were in Las Vegas at my sister's house this weekend I saw that she had begun a little business venture to earn some extra cash.  Just a little something where she can be her own boss . . . make her own hours . . . live the dream.  And I wanted a piece of it.  So yesterday we opened our own franchise here in the East Valley.  Everyone got a complimentary deep clean of their bed and bathroom as a grand opening special.  Now I sit back and rake in the dough.  No more will we argue about getting chores done on a schedule.  No sir.  The chores will get done.  The only question now is this: which is more valuable to my kids -- time or money?  I'm happy to do all the work.  They will simply learn that there's no such thing in life as a free lunch.  (Of course, all my business profits will be used toward fun family activities. I'm capitalistic, not heartless, after all.)


  1. I LOVE this idea!

  2. ugh mom now your giving everyone ideas!

  3. Sydney--your mom has absolutely FABULOUS ideas, and I'll tell my kids you feel the same way they do when I start my own Mom's Maid Service Business next week.

  4. i will admit i have already had to pay 6.50 or so oh well my chores were done

  5. I am totally doing this - and will NOT use the money to fund a family adventure - that would be like ME cleaning up AND rewarding them with something special. I am NOT THAT NICE> I will reward MYSELF with something special...maybe a new top, or some great new shoes, oooo a new purse! I am excited already!!!

  6. Tammy, I've made $10 since Monday!! AND my house is clean! Fabulous. Also, at least some of my profits will be my "lunch money". We're totally going out, Sista!


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