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A Business Opportunity Too Good to Pass Up

When we were in Las Vegas at my sister's house this weekend I saw that she had begun a little business venture to earn some extra cash.  Just a little something where she can be her own boss . . . make her own hours . . . live the dream.  And I wanted a piece of it.  So yesterday we opened our own franchise here in the East Valley.  Everyone got a complimentary deep clean of their bed and bathroom as a grand opening special.  Now I sit back and rake in the dough.  No more will we argue about getting chores done on a schedule.  No sir.  The chores will get done.  The only question now is this: which is more valuable to my kids -- time or money?  I'm happy to do all the work.  They will simply learn that there's no such thing in life as a free lunch.  (Of course, all my business profits will be used toward fun family activities. I'm capitalistic, not heartless, after all.)


  1. ugh mom now your giving everyone ideas!

  2. Sydney--your mom has absolutely FABULOUS ideas, and I'll tell my kids you feel the same way they do when I start my own Mom's Maid Service Business next week.

  3. i will admit i have already had to pay 6.50 or so oh well my chores were done

  4. I am totally doing this - and will NOT use the money to fund a family adventure - that would be like ME cleaning up AND rewarding them with something special. I am NOT THAT NICE> I will reward MYSELF with something special...maybe a new top, or some great new shoes, oooo a new purse! I am excited already!!!

  5. Tammy, I've made $10 since Monday!! AND my house is clean! Fabulous. Also, at least some of my profits will be my "lunch money". We're totally going out, Sista!


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