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Here We Go Again

Spurred on in equal parts by the success of our master bedroom reno and Brent's continued lack of a place to go from 9 to 5, the demolition bug has bitten us again.  Today our kids' bedrooms fell victim to our overuse of carpet-removal-as-stress-relief.  We stripped Sis's room down to the plywood, with the boys' room to follow on Thursday.  No, we still aren't ready to put in new carpet just yet.  And no, the burlap is not going to make another appearance, but we did consider that option.  I love repeating an element to tie the whole together, but not this time.  No.  We are painting the floors.  Right on the plywood.  Yep.  Add painted plywood to the list of unconventional flooring in our home.  It's OK because we are not planning to sell our home anytime soon.  Or ever, if I have my druthers.  It's going to be lovely -- all antiqued and vintage looking.  A chocolate brown and cream checkerboard on the diagonal for Sis and a stenciled custom industrial  logo on a cement-colored background for the boys to go with the faux brick wall I painted a while back.  The denim-blue walls will also go cement gray and we will add some pipes across the ceiling (as drapery hardware) to add to the industrial, vintage factory vibe.  I also found some too-cool gray and white ticking stripe quilts on clearance at Target that would be perfect with the red, white, and gray vintage look I'm going for.  Brent is on the fence about whether or not the quilts are a necessity.  I know that they are.  And the painted floors are going to cost next to nothing, right . . .   The fun just never ends around here, folks.

EDITED TO ADD:  I also want one of these to replace my boys' closet doors.  How cool would it be to have a garage door in your bedroom?!  At $260, Brent is no where near the fence about the necessity of this bad boy.  Donations will gladly be accepted.

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