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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

--OR-- Good Things are Almost Lost By Those Who Wait.

It's a glass half-empty/ glass half-full scenario, really.  Remember those quilts for my boys' room that the love of my life was on the fence about, but that I was totally convinced were an absolute necessity and had vowed in my mind to purchase, but hadn't told him about that yet?  The ones that were on clearance?  Well, guess which blankets were marked down another 50% today when we ran to Target to pick up a birthday present for one of D's friends?  THE VERY ONES!!!!  $80 quilts for $19.99!!!  And they just so perfectly had two (and only two) left.  TWIN SIZE!!!!  As if by some divine providence they had been set aside just for me. Boo-freakin'-Ya, baby!  Mad props to the hubby for making me wait.  The mural on the floor (a first for me) looks awesome.  I'm caulking and painting the baseboards today and, if all goes well, I'll post photos by the weekend.  Isn't today just a perfectly lovely day?!

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  1. Sounds like someone found her mojo. Can't wait to see pics of the new room.


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