My 3 Monsters: Heaven Help Us! {There's a Teen in the House}

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Heaven Help Us! {There's a Teen in the House}

Today we officially enter a new phase of life -- the teen years -- though it seems like we've been there for years.  My baby girl turns 13 today.  She's been tormenting her father for weeks with the fact that in 3 short years she will be driving.  And dating.  He keeps telling her to shut up about it.  I don't blame him.  First of all, neither of us are ready to embrace the idea of "losing her" in even the smallest ways.  Secondly, and most importantly, neither of us feels a day older than 25, so how is it possible that we have a teenage daughter?!  She's a pretty great kid, though.  We don't ever have to worry about her integrity or her intentions.  In fact, today she is most looking forward to getting her Facebook page.  Yes, we asked her to wait until she was 13 so she wouldn't have to lie about her age.  And she ACTUALLY obeyed us.  Yeah, I know!  I don't know if many people know this, but Sydney has been involved with the Peer Tutor program at her school this past year.  She gave up one of her elective classes each semester so she could go and work with the special needs kids.  She spends time getting to know them one-on-one and accompanying them as they go to their electives.  It was a life-changing experience for her and she plans to participate again next year.  I am so proud of her selflessness.  She has taken that tremendous attitude stubbornness passion from her younger years and channeled it into all good things.  We love her to pieces!  In honor of her birthday, here are some clips of her singing in Snowflake last week.  Remember that I recorded these with my cell phone, which only records in 30 second increments, so the songs are a bit choppy and the sound quality is poor. And so is the picture.  I'm really selling this video, huh?  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!!  Hope it's a great one!


  1. WHAT?! And this girl is coming to babysit my kids on her birthday? What a crazy girl! We sure love her! Happy Birthday, Girl!

  2. Funny you guys feel younger because I just turned 27 but I feel 40. Lucky!


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