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"Would You Rather . . . " Road Trip Fun

One of our favorite games to play on road trips is "Would You Rather . . ." which usually spins off into its sister game "What if . . . ".  I know you can buy versions of this game in the stores, but isn't it so much more fun to rack your brain and come up with scenarios of your own?  Last week, driving home from Snowflake, we came up with a whole new round of questions.  {I'd love to hear some of your answers in the comments!}
So . . . Would You Rather:
  •  always have really bad breath or really smelly feet?
  • drive your dream car or live in your dream home?
  • walk with a limp or speak with a lisp?
  • attend the Olympics or go to the Super Bowl?
  • have a below average IQ and an above average income or have an above average IQ and a below average income?
  • {Men} carry a manly purse or wear capri pants?
  • have your dream job and have no friends or have a job you hate and have really good friends?
  • have bad teeth or bad acne?  {to be fair, I think at one point in my teens I had both}
  • have a designer wardrobe that is just small enough to be uncomfortable or a completely un-stylish wardrobe that is comfy?
  • give up meat or give up sweets?
  • have to grow all your own food or make all your own clothes?
  • be famously good at one thing and stink at pretty much everything else or be just OK at everything you try?
  • be your ideal weight and have to wear your current clothing size or stay your current weight and get a whole new wardrobe?
  • have always-cold hands or always-cold feet?
  • always have a top-of-the-line iPod and unlimited free access to the entire iTunes store BUT never see another movie again in your life or have free tickets, best seats in the house, to any movie ever BUT never listen to music again in your life?  {this one took my husband a full 24 hours to answer}
 Enjoy your summer road trips, friends!


  1. Here goes:
    -really smelly feet (i could wear shoes)
    -dream home for sure
    -ooo tough one...limp - i do it most of the time anyway (accident prone)
    -Olympics all the way :)
    -smart outranks stupid, even if it's less $$$
    -I'd rather my man wear capris
    -good friends make a bad job bearable
    -bad teeth can be fixed, i'll go with that
    -dang. hard one. I HATE being uncomfortable...but i'd have to go with designer wardrobe
    -give up on meat. no question about it
    -grow my own food (I am a vegan now - so not so bad)
    -good at one thing. I'd be frustrated otherwise
    -ideal weight. I could walk around naked
    -feet, i think.
    -easy Brent: MUSIC! Music is always, movies are only occassionaly.

    I heart would you rather :) Thanks for letting me play!

  2. Ahhhh we play this game constantly in my family! I actually have a "would you rather" calendar on my desk! these make me laugh!

  3. -Really smelly feet. More people would notice breath I think.
    -Dream home without hesitation.
    -Walk with a limp. Those guys look tough.
    -Olympics if its the summer games. Otherwise the Superbowl. Summer Olympics > Superbowl > Winter Olympics.
    -Above average IQ. I could find happiness either way though.
    -Capris. Finally show off my ankles.
    -Dream job and no friends. I would fill the friendless void with video games. Problem solved. And then I would get to mine for gold in Alaska every day (dream job!).
    -Bad teeth. I went through braces in high school. I could do it again if I had to.
    -Unstylish and comfy. No need to look fashionable at my gold mine.
    -Give up sweets in a heartbeat.
    -Make my own clothes. Again, no need to look stylish at a gold mine.
    -Just be ok at everything, but truly good at nothing. It's gotten me this far, so why change it?
    -Stay current weight and get a whole new wardrobe. Reaching my ideal weight wouldn't require to change clothing sizes anyway.
    -Always cold hands. People might secretly think I'm a vampire when I shake their hands. They wouldn't say anything out loud, but the doubt would be there.
    -Music!!! I already listen to music everyday, can't say the same thing about movies.


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