My 3 Monsters: In Which I Return to Painting Murals

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In Which I Return to Painting Murals

OK, so . . . my vow to never paint again was quickly forgotten when several new job offers came in from my favorite client.  The one I was working on today is for a childcare location -- kind of a fairy tale theme.  Here's just a rough drawing I did for that one:
I thought it might be fun to make it look like the wall was crumbling away and you were looking through to a fairy tale world.  Now that I see it, I might rather just do a more traditional take without the hole in the wall thing.  We'll see.  I'm really excited for the next one -- a Venice canal scene for a dining room wall.  It's going to be really artsy-fartsy and super fun to paint.  No drawings of that one yet.  I spent the day out at Cub Scout day camp yesterday in the 115+ degree heat and came home pretty sick.  A girl can only do so much, after all.


  1. Awesome! Do what makes you happy. Be blessed :)

  2. I just wanted to add that Cub Day Camp is always 4-5 degrees hotter than Phoenix's top temp. So you went to camp in 120 degree heat. No wonder you were sick!

    I LOVE the fairy tale world! Be sure to show us the finished product! It always blows your amazing drawings out of the water - never ceasing to amaze me :)

  3. I like the hole in the wall twist... :) either way I'm sure it will be amazing :)


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